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Located in Standish Forward Energy offer propane fuel to farm, home and commercial industries. They strive to make each and every customer a satisfied customer, who will have a desire to do business with them again and again. They offer a variety of programs to fit each individual’s needs. Programs include Courtesy-Fill Program, the Budget Plan, Locked in Pricing Programs, Will-Call Customers, Discounts, and more. Part of Forward Corporation, Forward Energy is located at 219 N. Front Street, Standish, MI 48658. Call them at 989-846-4501 or 800-664-4501 or visit their website at
Courtesy-Fill Program
This is our Preferred Customer Program because it offers our customers convenience, value and peace of mind, while allowing Forward to operate in an efficient manner. Our degree day system measures the temperature, wind-chill factor, computes your daily consumption and determines your next delivery date. However, since so many factors play a role in one’s consumption, we cannot guarantee that you will not run out of fuel. We do not want anyone to ever run out, and that is why you are an important part of our delivery process. You will be required to share the responsibility to monitor your fuel level and call if your tank should get down to 20%.To qualify for this program, one must have approved credit on file, and have no other heat source. Budget customers will be automatically placed on this program.

Budget Plan
The budget program allows customers to spread out their yearly propane usage into 12 equal payments. This program is great for budgeting purposes and eliminates the possibility of large, unexpected billings.

Locked-In Pricing Programs
Locked-in pricing programs offer a predetermined propane price guaranteed not to change throughout the entire season. They are available to both Courtesy-Fill and Will-Call customers.

Will-Call Customers
Will-Call customers are solely responsible to keep track of their own fuel levels and call us when they want a delivery. These customers may have established credit privileges but burn wood or do not wish to be on the Courtesy-Fill program. Customers who do not qualify for credit privileges will also be placed on Will-Call, requiring them to call our office when their tank is around 20% full. We cannot guarantee when a delivery will be made, but we will do our best to respond within 1 to 5 business days.

We offer quantity discounts for deliveries of 1,000 gallons or more, call for a special bid price. On special bid pricing, no other discounts will apply. Cash Discounts – A cash discount of 3 cents/gallon will be earned when a delivery is paid for within 5 days of delivery. Not valid for customers on our locked-in price program, or special bid-pricing. Credit card payments do not qualify.

Credit Policies
Deliveries of liquid products to home, farm and commercial accounts are due (15) days from the date of delivery with an approved credit application on file. The previous balance must be paid before the next delivery can be made.
Budget accounts are due on the 20th of each month beginning in June and continuing through May. (12 Month Budget Program)
All other accounts are due upon receipt of our statement.
Late Payment Fees: A “late charge” will be computed on the total past due balance. “Late charge” is computed by a periodic rate of 1.5% per month (minimum charge of $1.00 for balance of $66.66), which is an annual rate of 18% applied to all previous unpaid late charges and purchases (except those of the current month).
Bad Checks: Checks returned by a financial institution for any reason, will be sent to our collection department. Your account will be charged back for the check amount along with a minimum $25.00 bad check fee. No second party checks are accepted.

Address: 219 N Front Street, Standish MI 48658
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Contact Person: Diane Morley
Business Phone Number: 800-664-4501
Business Fax: 989-846-4412
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We specialize in custom built homes, luxury kitchen’s, bathroom remodeling, high end patio’s, maintenance free deck’s, and beautiful outdoor kitchens.  We can build from your plans or ours, or we can provide architectural services.  Our reputation as the top builder in the Higgins Lake area has been established from 36+ years of satisfied customers.  We have completed many projects in the Roscommon, Houghton Lake, Grayling, and St. Helen areas as well.

Address: 11654 North Cut Road, Roscommon MI 48653
Business Website Address:
Contact Person: Bryan Costello
Business Phone Number: 989-275-4188 Cell – 989-915-9656
Business Fax: 989-275-6334
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It is our mission to provide you with quality service to create, install and maintain the landscaping aroun your home and in this community… Doing it at a fair price, on time, on budget and with a smile is our goal.

Higgins Lake and its surrounding areas are home to many seasonal cottages and second homes that need landscaping and lawn care services. Their owners take pride in their properties and are willing to use their resources to keep them looking good. This small resort area transforms a winter population of twenty thousand people into as many as 100 thousand in the summer months enjoying beautiful Higgins Lake. Most summer residents would rather enjoy their rime off here at the lake rather than worrying about what lawn care or landscaping project they need to do next that’s where Higgins Lake Landscaping comes in.

We have long been established in the community as the company to provide all types of landscaping services and lawn care services in Higgins Lake and surrounding areas during the summer as well as snowplowing in the winter.

Our services continue to expand to meet the needs of the community and flex as those needs change with the seasons.

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Business Phone Number: 989-821-5858
Business Fax: 989-821-4359
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Commercial and residential contractor, excavating, trucking, asphalt and paving. We are bonded and insured. Call us today for a FREE estimate.

Address: PO Box 720, 1659 Dow Road, West Branch, MI 48661
Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 989-345-0326
Toll Free: 800-309-3303
Business Fax: 989-345-0240
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Excavating, fill, and related services.

Contact Person: Dave and Bob Huffman
Business Phone Number: 989-275-5451
Business Fax: 989-281-1147
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Interior dry-walling, texturing and painting services.

Contact Person: Jeff
Business Phone Number: 989-275-4649
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We offer land surveying and other related services.

Address: 211 W. West Branch Rd. Suite 101, Prudenville, MI 48651
Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 989-366-5000
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Installation of metal roofing, asphalt, siding, windows, single ply membrane roofing, liquid applied neogard roofing, roof repair, and insulation.

Mark Severance, Owner

Address: 522 N. Fifth Street, Roscommon, MI 48653
Business Website Address:
Contact Person: Mark Severance
Business Phone Number: 989-275-6900
Business Fax: 989-275-6433
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Northern Trades, LLC is a Michigan based premier LED installer and distributor, also specializing in energy management, automation and security for home and business. We sell LED lighting of every type and kind, as well as lighting retro fits.  Northern Trades, LLC offers multiple wired and wireless technologies and applications from many major manufacturers, all backed by the fines warranties. With so many choices, we have products and systems for every need and budget. When you are in the Village, be sure to check out the lights in the Chamber windows and at the AuSable Baking Co. & Creamery!  For more information, call Steve Reno at 989-390-5960 or email

Address: 213 Benjamin Avenue, Roscommon MI 48653
Business Website Address:
Contact Person: Steve Reno
Business Phone Number: 989-390-5960
Business Fax: 989-390-5960
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Rowe Professionnal Service Company is a full service professional services firm specializing in civil engineering, surveying, aerial photography / mapping, landscape acrhitecture, planning and land development. We offer large firm resources with the personal attention you require.

Address: 403 Huron Street, Graying MI 49738
Business Website Address:
Contact Person: Marv Myers, PS and John Rauser, PS
Business Phone Number: 989-348-4036
Business Fax: 989-348-5416