Marguerite Gahagan Nature Preserve

209 Maplehurst
P.O. Box 421
Roscommon, MI 48653

Phone: (989) 275-3217


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Welcome to the Marguerite Gahagan Nature Preserve! Marguerite Gahagan Nature Preserve operates as a non-profit organization run by volunteers and funded by its members, generous donors and the endowment left by Marguerite.

PW cover Pine Whispers: The Biography and Writings of Marguerite Gahagan.

Did you know that it provides environmental education for many of the schools in the surrounding counties? Did you know that the 60-acre preserve is open to the public for hiking, snowshoeing, birding and many other uses? Did you know we have an asphalt and boardwalk trail that is wheelchair friendly? It travels through woods and wetlands and along the beginnings of Tank Creek. Interested in learning and helping? Please join us!

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